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Our Solar Power System will supply basic electricity to about 250 houses in a community. it is flexible in nature, it can be easily scaled in-line with electricity demand within a community.


With over 60% of Nigerians  having little or no access to electricity,
this solution is geared toward providing electricity access to rural communities using Renewable Energy technologies.
NASPA Prototype is designed to efficiently meet the energy needs of remote settlements at the most economic cost to suit their income levels while making profit and generating good returns to investors, using Pay-As-You-Go Revenue collection Model.


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- Maximize your solar investment with our custom, quality      installation.
- We’ll custom-design your system specifically for your            business’s energy needs.
- We’ll tailor the financing that’s best for you.
- We’ll provide you with the best guarantees in the business    and a lifetime of support.

Residential & Small Scale Commercial

We save money on your energy bills with a reliable, low-cost solar Energy Solution for your Resisdent or small scale commercial businesses.

This solution  is designed specifically for residential and small scaled commercial Enterprises in urban areas across the country. With the  with the poor power supply and power outages, the need arises to effectively provide clients with a reliable and affordable means of electricity. Our solutions range from 0.5kW to as high as 35kW based on Client demand (Consuming power). So many people are no longer in business as a result of huge operational cost associated with in doing business in Nigeria commercial areas.

NASPA is introducing this solution to help businesses monitor & control their operating cost while improving profitability.

This solution is targeted at schools, clinics, light manufacturing, small businesses, Banks, barber shops, saloons, offices complexes etc.


Commercial Solar

Large Scale Commercial

We are partnering with financial institutions to offer flexible project financing solutions for large scale commercial clients.

The cost of alternative power supply through other power generating sources like diesel generators, fuel has really affected  large corporations who spend millions of Nigeria on daily and weekly basis. This greatly affects the profitability of these businesses as a result of the huge overhead costs associated with such businesses.

In this category, our solution ranges from 40kW to as high as 6MW on turnkey basis and they are tailored to suit client’s needs including energy management. 

Our solution is tailored to provide electricity to  clients as a service as opposed to a capital cost through flexible medium/long term financing mechanisms such as Power Purchase Agreements, medium-long term asset leases etc.

This solution is targeted at  hotels, shopping complexes, organized markets, estates, high rise office complexes etc. As a result of the capacity of these solutions, their pricing is on a case by case basis in line with user requirements.


The company is partnering with local telecom companies such as Globacom to make solar affordable for Nigerian citizens and satisfy local content.


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